The Advanced Master of Science in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies is an intensive programme of 60 ECTS credits. Mandatory courses account for 42 credits. Students who have no educational background in anthropology choose an additional introductory course in this field as part of their mandatory programme.
The mandatory courses introduce students to development issues as well as anthropological knowledge and perspectives on development in different cultural contexts. These courses also challenge students to rethink and reflect on their previous academic or professional expertise and knowledge, and to apply this to the development field.
Students complete the programme with credits from a broad and interdisciplinary range of electives, meant to complement the student’s specific research focus and field of expertise within development and anthropology. Ideally, students deepen their previous academic or professional experience and use this specialisation to promote themselves on the job market.

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Mandatory Courses

All courses (13 credits) are mandatory.

Culture, Ecology and Development4S0D68A
Development: Actors and Paradigms4S0D69A
Economic Anthropology5S0E07B

Students who have no educational background in Anthropology, choose one course from this module.

Anthropology of Religion5S0D61B
Political Anthropology5S0D66A
Social and Cultural Anthropology: Basic Concepts and Theories6S0D84A
Ethnographic Fieldwork: Exemplary Research6S0E77B
Current Issues in Social and Cultural Anthropology6S0G02A

All courses (14 credits) are mandatory.

Special Topics in Cultures and Development6S0D71A
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar: Development Processes and Proposals
An example of students' leading-edge interdisciplinary seminar research can be found here.
Master's Thesis

This course (16 credits) is mandatory.

Master's Thesis 16 S0D73A

Students complete their programme to a minimum of 60 credits with electives from the existing list Thematic Electives, Internship, Visual and Experimental Anthropology and/or electives from other programmes, preferably on MA level. Students who choose a course from another programme offered at KU Leuven have to submit a motivated request form to the faculty's Registrar's Office.

Thematic Electives
Knowledge Systems and Worldviews
Issues in Global and Intercultural Education5P0Q68A
Social and Cultural Anthropology: Basic Concepts and Theories6S0D84A
Anthropology of Ethnicity and Race: theories and application5S0E09A
Ethnographic Fieldwork: Exemplary Research6S0E77B
World Religions and Ethics4A01B9A
Vraagstukken uit de politieke en sociale filosofie4W0AM3A
Myth and Symbolism5S0D52B
Anthropology and Islam4S0D85A
Anthropology of Social Change: margins, performances and publics6S0E08B
East-West Perspectives in Philosophy4W0AN1A
Ethnographic Fieldwork: Analysis and Communication6S0D53C
Current Issues in Social and Cultural Anthropology6S0G02A
Culture, Migration and Mobility5S0F75B
Anthropology and Travel4S0G00A
Mondial Education5POP60A
Economic Development in a Globalising World
Development Cooperation5S0B91A
Agricultural Economics and Food Policy in Developing Countries5I0Q23A
Irrigation Agronomy6I0D14A
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Development and Cultures4S0E06A
Landbouweconomie en voedselbeleid4I0N46A
Political Philosophy and the Ethics of Globalisation6W0EP8A
Development Economics6D0E32A
Advanced Development Economics6D0M43B
Social and Technical Developments
Philosophy of Technology4W0EN7A
Modernity and the Architecture of the City6H02P7A
Human Settlements in Development4H02P4A
Environmental Philosophy4W0EC9C
Organizational Decision Making and Change4P0P93A
Cultural Anthropology: Material Culture5S0D50B
Civil Society
Sociale ethiek4S0C13A
Sociaal-culturele analyse van de sport en de vrije tijd5L02E7A
Anthropology of Religion5S0D61B
Urban Anthropology5S0D88B
Medisch recht4C04D9A
Posthuman Anthropology4S0D43A
Anthropology of the Body5S0D57C
Law and Governance
Political Anthropology5S0D66A
Instellingen en beleid van de ontwikkelingslanden4S0D22C
Human Rights4C00J5A
Law and Anthropology4C07I7A
Anthropology, Communication and Diversity5S0G03A
Area Studies
Chinese filosofie4F0TB1A
Inleiding tot de Chinese cultuur4F0TA0A
Chinese Philosophy4F0UC2A
Precolumbiaanse en koloniale geschiedenis van Latijns-Amerika4F0UK4A
Geschiedenis van Latijns-Amerika na de onafhankelijkheid4F0UK5A
Politics, Law and Society in Japan: a Global Perspective6F0UV5A
Japanse godsdiensten4F0TD1A
Inleiding tot de Oost-Aziatische kunst4F0TG3A
Geschiedenis van het moderne India4F0BB0A
Global Perspectives on Contemporary India6N0A55A
Arabische filosofie4W0AG3A
Politieke ontwikkelingen in Centraal-en Oost-Europa6S0D21A
China and Global Politics4S0E54A
Internship / Training
Internship - Short-Term6S0D76A
Internship - Long-Term10S0D77A
Visual and Experimental Anthropology

Add maximum one course unit. S0F42A aims at students who have no experience in Video Production.

Visual and Experimental Anthropology4S0D42A
Visual and Experimental Anthropology6S0F42A

The international group of students provided the oppor­tunity to build long-lasting friend­ships with people from all around the globe.

Joke Lannoye
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - UNV programme in Youth Development and Sexual and Reproductive Health programmes Zanzibar - CADES graduate