The debates series consists of five evening debates, on Tuesdays from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, and five research seminars on Wednesday mornings from 11 am to 1 pm.

The evening debates are organised in Auditorium STUK, Naamsestraat 96, 3000 Leuven. They are free of charge and open to a large audience of students and other interested people. The Wednesday morning seminars are for master and PhD students only.

In each session, two guest lecturers will share their alternative readings of specific urban spaces or issues. A debate, moderated by a thematic expert, will follow these presentations.

Language and course material 
The debates will be conducted in English. Course material, reading lists and/or recommended literature will be made available on this website.

For each Wednesday morning session, three to four students are selected – on the basis of an abstract – to present their own research on a topic related to the debate that was held the evening before. This presentation counts as an exam.

Students who do not opt for a presentation during the Wednesday morning seminars are evaluated on the basis of two short papers. A statement will be published on Toledo after each debate. Over the course of the semester, students choose 2 of these statements and write a four-page paper (1,600 words) per statement, which they submit at the latest one month after the debates of their choice.
In each essay, students show that:
• They have understood the main arguments of the debate;
• They have thoroughly read the core texts for the debate; and
• They are able to come up with their own opinion on the topic. They are strongly advised to consult additional literature to prepare their essays.
For additional information  and deadlines see Toledo

An information session on 03 October 2017 (1-2 pm, Auditorium STUK, Naamsestraat 96, Leuven) will present the course and exam requirements, as well as the debates’ themes and background materials.

Academic coordination
Prof. Ann Cassiman (CADES)
Dr. Viviana d’Auria (ASRO)
Prof. Filip De Boeck (IARA)
Prof. Bruno De Meulder (ASRO)
Tine Thijs (CADES)

DEBATES 2017/2018
17 Oct 2017
Cases from India and Ethiopia
31 Oct 2017
Cases from Brazil and West-Africa
14 Nov 2017
Cases from India and Senegal
28 Nov 2017
Cases from Berlin and Johannesburg
12 Dec 2017
Cases from Liberia and South-Africa