The Interdisciplinary Debates on Development and Cultures take place every other year. In 2017-2018 the KU Leuven Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA) organizes this interfaculty course with the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning (ASRO) for the fifth time. The focus will be on Cities in Development: Between Dystopia and Utopia.
Renowned speakers such as Nikhil Anand (University of Pennsylvania), Daniel Mains (University of Oklahoma, Paola Berenstein Jacques (UFBA), Baerbel Mueller (University of applied Arts Vienna), Colin McFarlane (Durham University), Rosalind Fredericks (NY University), Alexander Vasudevan (University of Oxford), Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (WITS University), Daniel Hoffman (University of Washington, Hannah Le Roux (WITD University) and many others will join us in the fall to discuss issues of gentrification, city integration, speculation, public spaces and nature in the city.

The objective of the debates is to offer both students and other participants critical and interdisciplinary reflections on essential and pressing problems concerning development and North-South relations. They also aim to foster in-depth scientific debates and the consideration of social answers to the urgent problems in question. Indeed, the call for inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and culture-sensitive approaches is being heeded worldwide, especially in international organisations and NGOs. This course offers students a comprehensive base and possibly compensates for a lack of field experience.

DEBATES 2017/2018
17 Oct 2017
Cases from India and Ethiopia
31 Oct 2017
Cases from Brazil and West-Africa
14 Nov 2017
Cases from India and Senegal
28 Nov 2017
Cases from Berlin and Johannesburg
12 Dec 2017
Cases from Liberia and South-Africa