Erasmus Mundus Partnerships
Nationals of more than 100 countries can apply for a scholarship through one of the Action 2 projects the KU Leuven is involved in.

Inquire for scholarships at the Belgian embassy of your country or at your home university.

Scholarships for students from developing countries

Students from (selected) developing countries can apply for the VLIR-UOS ICP scholarship.

Students from developing countries with a master's degree from the KU Leuven can apply for a Roger Dillemans scholarship (information in English).

For those students who do not have a master’s degree from the KU Leuven, the Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGOS) provides study and training grants. For additional information, please contact the Belgian attaché in your country. The contacts can be found on the country links. More information can be found here.

Scholarships for US citizens studying in Belgium
The Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF) encourages applications for fellowships for advanced study or research during one academic year, at a Belgian University or institution of higher learning. The B.A.E.F. will award up to eight fellowships each carrying a stipend of $25,000 for one year. If the fellow chooses to remain less than the full 12 months, the stipend will be prorated accordingly. The fellowship period must be at least 6 months. In addition to the stipend, the Foundation will provide health insurance. No other supplements can be expected. Note that the application deadline for a B.A.E.F. scholarship is the end of October previous to the academic year you are applying for!

Flanders House
Each year, the Education and Training Department of the Flemish Government offers five fellowships for one academic year (10 months) to American students. These fellowships are granted for study or research at universities, conservatories of music or art academies recognized by the Flemish Government in the following fields: art, music, humanities, social and political sciences, law, economics, sciences, and medicine.

Americans living outside of Belgium may be eligible for Fulbright scholarships to come to Belgium for research or study. 

You can also find updated info regarding scholarships on the International Office website.

Having met so many people working in development - none have done a course that combines anthropology and development. I highly value this unique and important perspective, which penetrates your way of thinking when staying in this field. It would've been a different ballgame without CADES.

Maxim Anmeghichean
Washington, Programme Officer open society, Soros Foundation global grantmaking program supporting human rights of LGBT people globally, specifically in Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe - CADES graduate