International students
Applications are accepted as of November 1, except for students who are applying via an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (in that case you must follow the EM deadlines).

For applicants who apply for the VLIR-UOS ICP scholarship, the deadline is February 1 and they apply here

International candidates have to apply via the online application procedure of the International Admissions and Mobility office. Please read the application instructions for master’s students carefully.

Belgian students
Applications should be sent directly to the CADES office:

CADES - Faculty of Social Sciences
Parkstraat 45  post box 3600
B-3000 Leuven, Belgium

The constant internal check I gained in CADES is essential as it is very easy to get caught up in the day to day without taking a step back to analyse the wider impact of your actions, which in this line of work can affect many lives at times.

Roberto Cancel
Project Developer, Kosovo Desk International Organization for Migration (IOM) - CADES graduate