General admission criteria
• Applicants should hold a master's degree. The board of admissions will assess the equivalence of a four-year bachelor's degree (240 ECTS) on a case-by-case basis.
• Applicants should have outstanding academic results (upper second class or above); relevant professional experience is an asset.

What if I am still completing my studies this year?
Students who are finishing their master’s or four-year bachelor’s degrees can apply even if they have not completed their studies on the date of application. Their application will be taken into consideration and if successful, they will be admitted on a conditional basis. This means that they will only be able to register officially for the programme after they have submitted the official results of their previous study.

Proficiency in English
Mandatory courses and seminars are all taught in English; oral and written exams, as well as research papers, must be completed in English. Accordingly, sufficient knowledge of English is a pre-requisite. To assess this, applicants take the TOEFL and must score a minimum of 250 on the computer-based test, 100 on the internet-based test or 600 on the paper-based test. Alternatively, the TOEFL may be replaced by an IELTS (British Council) score of between 7.0 and 7.5 points or a Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) (University of Cambridge examinations): Grade C.

The TOEFL code for the KU Leuven is: 0749-99.

Applicants who obtained a diploma at a certified higher education institution in Australia, Canada, Ireland, th UK and the USA are exempt from taking the TOEFL test, as are applicants who have completed at least 4 years of higher education in English outside the abovementioned countries (and can present the corresponding diplomas). 


Admission is given by the Vice Dean Education of the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

Cades has greatly refined my perspective on development processes, which allows me to intervene in administrative and operational processes with an added value that I was unable to bring previously.

Micha Ramakers
Head of Development Cooperation Section Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Yemen - CADES graduate