The constant internal check I gained in CADES is essential as it is very easy to get caught up in the day to day without taking a step back to analyse the wider impact of your actions, which in this line of work can affect many lives at times.

Roberto Cancel
Project Developer, Kosovo Desk International Organization for Migration (IOM) - CADES graduate

How long is the programme?
CADES is a one-year programme that runs from September to July or September. However, students who opt for an internship usually spread the programme over one and a half (graduating in January) or two years.  

Who is eligible for the programme?
CADES is an Advanced Master’s programme, which implies that applicants already hold a masters’ degree. In exceptional cases, however, applicants with a four-year bachelor’s degree who can show relevant professional experience might be admitted to the programme. These applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.  

Is it possible to follow the programme on a part-time basis?
Yes, provided your scholarship allows you to do so.  

Are there any scholarships or a reduced tuition fee?
For information on scholarship opportunities, please refer to the KU Leuven’s International Office. More information can also be found on the Scholarship page. Students from developing countries pay a reduced tuition fee of € 890 instead of € 1,750.

How to apply?
International students apply via the online application procedure of the International Office. Belgian students contact the CADES office directly. Please consult the Application page for more information.  

When do I apply?
Application deadlines are:
• 1 March for non-EEA citizens
• 1 June for EEA citizens and non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a residence permit
• 1 September for Belgian citizens